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The Sceptics R J Hankinson

The Sceptics

R J Hankinson

Published March 26th 1998
ISBN : 9786610050239
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 About the Book 

The Sceptics is the first comprehensive, up-to-date treatment of Greek scepticism, from the beginnings of epistemology with Xenophanes, to the final full development of Pyrrhonism in the work of Sextus Empiricus. Tracing the evolution of Sceptism from 500 BC to 200 AD, this clear and rigorous analysis presents the arguments of the Greek sceptics in their historical context and provides an in-depth study of the various strands of the sceptical position. This historical survey is complemented by a detailed analysis of the later Pyrrhonists and of Sextus Empiricus in particular. Throughout, R.J. Hankinson draws on the latest scholarship on sceptical philosophy, but his cogent presenta tion never loses sight of the central epistemological issues. He assesses the overall coherence of the sceptical programme and asks, in conclusion, whether sceptical ethics and attitudes are in fact liveable.