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Beyond the Veil Vol II Nolan Webber

Beyond the Veil Vol II

Nolan Webber

Kindle Edition
330 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

King Ceriph has rebuilt the Alfarian Empire but while he is on a personal quest to promote peace throughout Midgard Devin and Melissa have lived the perceptually normal life on earth.While Melissa strives to forget her chimera heritage, Devin longs for the day he can once again soar through the trees of Alfheim Forest with his gryphon brethren.Devin gets his wish but not in the manner he had foreseen. Loki has been freed from his underground prison and seeks revenge against Devin for the death of Lilith by sending the Master of the Hunt to earth. However Lokis freedom is the onset of Ragnarok.In order to save Devins life from the Huntsman an assassin Rook teleports Devin back to Midgard.Once there, Devin sets himself on the quest to prevent the signs of Ragnarok from happening and save both worlds from total destruction.